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Attention: aspiring musicians!

You’re About to Discover How to Master Sri Rama Krithis. No Confusion, No Frustration. You Don’t Even Need Prior Experience. Just Follow Our Course and Start Playing!

Now You Can Learn to Play Sri Rama Krithis – And It’s Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Say goodbye to costly masterclasses and workshops;

our monthly live Q&A sessions offer personalized support and expert advice.

Normal Price: Rs. 9999

Regular Price: Rs. 2499

Special Launch Price: Only Rs. 999/-

Why You’ll Love Sri Rama Krithi Mastery Program


Perfectly play Sri Rama Krithis with confidence and precision.


Achieve a deep understanding of the nuances of classical music


Enjoy a fulfilling and enriching musical journey.


Receive personalized feedback to overcome specific challenges.


Access high-quality, accurate tutorials and learning materials


Connect with a supportive community of fellow learners.


Become a proficient and respected player of Sri Rama Krithis.


Leave a lasting legacy as a skilled performer admired by peers and future generations.

What Makes Us Unique


With our Classic Krithi Mastery

  • Learning Structure: Structured, step-by-step tutorials
  • Expert Guidance: Personalized feedback and monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Comprehensive Materials: Detailed video tutorials and comprehensive notes
  • Community Support: Access to a supportive community of learners
  • Cultural and Spiritual Connection: Deep understanding and connection to the music's heritage

Without our Classic Krithi Mastery

  • Learning Structure: Random, disjointed resources
  • Expert Guidance: No direct access to experts
  • Comprehensive Materials: Inconsistent and unclear tutorials
  • Community Support: Learning in isolation 
  • Cultural and Spiritual Connection: Lack of cultural and spiritual context

900+ Customers Trust Classic Kirthi Mastery Course

Have a look what they have to say about the course

I was overwhelmed by the complexity of Sri Rama Krithis, but the Classic Krithi Mastery course made learning easy.The step-by-step videos and detailed notes were exactly what I needed. The monthly Q&A sessions provided invaluable guidance. Now, I play with confidence and joy!

Amit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Balancing work and my passion for music was tough, but this course fit perfectly into my hectic schedule. The flexible learning approach and clear tutorials made a huge difference. I can now practice effectively, even with my busy life, and I’ve seen real progress

Priya ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Despite years of playing, I struggled with mastering Sri Rama Krithis. The personalized feedback from the live sessions was a game-changer. The cultural insights added a deeper meaning to my music. This course is a must for anyone serious about improving their skills.

Ravi ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finding time to practice was always a challenge, but the flexibility of this course was perfect. The supportive community kept me motivated, and the comprehensive notes made practice sessions productive. I can now play beautifully and feel proud of my progress

Sneha ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I thought learning Sri Rama Krithis at my age would be too difficult, but this course proved otherwise. The structured lessons and expert guidance made everything accessible. I now feel a deep connection to the music and a sense of achievement I never thought possible.

Arjun ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Juggling studies and my passion for music was hard until I found this course. The clear tutorials and monthly Q&A sessions helped me make rapid progress. The supportive community was incredibly motivating. I now play with confidence and have a profound appreciation for the music

Meera ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Say Goodbye to Confusing Tutorials and Hello to Musical Success!

Sri Rama Krithis are amazing pieces of classical music that everyone loves.

Famous musicians and music experts say these songs are not just about playing notes, but about feeling the soul of our tradition.

As music expert Sandeep Kumar says, "Playing Sri Rama Krithis connects you deeply with our culture."

Imagine being able to:


Play Sri Rama Krithis perfectly and impress everyone.

Really understand and love classical music.


Perform confidently at family events or school functions.

Practice regularly in a fun and easy way


Get help from experts whenever you need it.

Feel a strong connection to the music and its meaning.


But most kids like you find it hard to do this. They get confused by random videos and tutorials that don’t really help.

Without a clear path and expert advice, it’s easy to feel stuck and frustrated.

Many kids give up because they don’t have the right support and feel alone in their music journey.

But you don’t have to be one of them.

With our Classic Krithi Mastery course, you’ll get the clear guidance, support, and fun lessons you need to become great at playing Sri Rama Krithis.

Can you relate to any of the questions below:

  • Are you frustrated with confusing and hard-to-find tutorials for learning Sri Rama Krithis?
  • Do you often feel stuck and frustrated with your progress in mastering classical music?
  • Have you struggled to find expert help or personalized support in your musical journey?
  • Is it challenging for you to balance practice time with your busy schedule?
  • Are you tired of inconsistent learning materials that leave you confused?
  • Do you feel disconnected from the cultural and spiritual essence of Sri Rama Krithis?
  • Have you experienced technical difficulties with your instrument that generic tutorials don’t address?
  • Is maintaining motivation and accountability for regular practice a constant struggle for you?
  • Do you worry about not achieving your desired skill levels despite putting in hours of practice?
  • Are you anxious about performing in front of others and making mistakes?
  • Do you feel isolated without a supportive community of fellow learners and musicians?
  • Are you concerned about wasting time and effort on ineffective learning resources?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone. Many business owners face these challenges, but there's a way to overcome them and live a pain-free life.

Important Message


From: Padmalatha

To: Working professionals, experienced musicians, homemakers, elderly learners, and college students

Hi…This Is Veena Padmalatha.

During My Childhood, I Use To Admire Sri. Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan , Famous Violin Player, Who Plays All Types Of Movie Songs, Devotional Songs Just Like That.

I Had A Long-Time Desire To Play Songs Like Him And By God’s Grace I Got Blessed With That Knowledge.

This Desire And Passion On Music, Made Me Complete B. Music (Veena) And M.Music(Veena)I Felt, Other Instrumental Players May Also Have The Same Desire To Play Movie And Devotional Songs In Their Musical Instrument.

But Because Of Not Getting Perfect Notes, They May Be Stuck.This Idea Made Me Publish 3 Notation Books Titled “PLAY EEZEE” Movie Songs In Tamil , Movie Songs In Telugu And Patriotic Songs In Instrumental Tone.

I Wanted To Help Classic Instrumental Players By Providing Them Notation And, With Video Tutorials, It Would Be Even More Convenient For Them To Learn Through Online.

Even Beginners Can Also Play The Songs In Their Carnatic Or Classical Instrument, With This Easy Coaching , Provided, They Must Know To Play The Instrument.

This Idea Gave Birth To ”PLAY EEZEE” Crash Courses And I Wanted To Start With Evergreen Annamacharya Kritis Which Will Enable The Classic Instrumental Players To Play Happily And Flawlessly, During The December Music Season.

I Will Be Providing Teaching Videos With Veena Instrument.

My Teaching Will Be Simple, With Mild And Understandable Gamakas.

Notes Will Be In Englishand This Can Be Played In Veena, Violin, Flute, Harmonium, Nadaswaram, Keyboard, Clarinet Etc., (Classical Instruments Or Carnatic Musical Instruments)

See What My Student's Has to Say About Me...


Introducing Sri Rama Krithi Mastery Program


Master the timeless beauty of Sri Rama Krithis with our easy and fun course.

Step-by-step video tutorials and helpful notes guide you through each piece.

Join live sessions with experts and connect with other learners just like you.

Here's Why You’ll Love Sri Rama Krithi Mastery Program:

  • Feel the joy of playing beautiful music.
  • Gain confidence in your musical skills.
  • Connect deeply with the cultural essence of the songs.
  • Clear and easy-to-follow video tutorials.
  • Expert help during monthly Q&A sessions.
  • Join a supportive community of fellow learners.

What You’ll Get:


Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Easy Learning

Clear, simple videos guide you through each Krithi. So what? You’ll learn each piece accurately and quickly without getting confused.

Detailed Notes: Comprehensive Guidance

Each Krithi comes with detailed written notes. So what? You can easily review and practice, reinforcing what you learn in the videos.


Supportive Community: Stay Motivated

Connect with fellow learners in a supportive environment. So what? You’ll stay motivated and inspired by sharing your progress and learning from others.

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions: Expert Help

Join live sessions with expert musicians. So what? You’ll get personalize


Cultural and Spiritual Insights: Deep Connection

Learn the cultural and spiritual essence of Sri Rama Krithis. So what? You’ll gain a deeper appreciation and connection to the music, enriching your performances.

Flexible Learning Schedule: Practice Anytime

Access the course materials at any time, from any device. So what? You can fit your practice sessions into your busy schedule, learning at your own pace.


Songs You’re Going to Get:

1. Marugelara

2. Nagumomu

3. Bantu Reethi Kolu

4. Sara Sara Samarai

5. O Rama Sari Rama

6. Ye theeruga Nanu

7. Paluke Bangaramayena

8. Raghuvamsa Sudhaam

9.Manavi aalakincharaadhate

10. ramachandraya Janaka

Exclusive Bonuses

That’s not all, for the next 10 people who take action today and proceed they will also be awarded with Fast Action Bonuses.

Bonus 1: Notation for the Song "Sri Rama Chandra Krupaalu"


Valued at ₹2,000

This bonus provides the detailed musical notation for the timeless devotional song "Sri Rama Chandra Krupaalu," written by the revered poet Tulsidas in the 16th century.

Celebrating the glory of Sri Rama, this notation allows you to master and perform this classic piece with precision and devotion.

Perfect for those looking to deepen their musical repertoire and connect with the spiritual essence of Sri Rama's legacy.

Bonus 2: Monthly Live Q&A Session on Zoom


Valued at ₹3,000

Participate in an exclusive monthly live Q&A session on Zoom, where you can interact directly with our expert musicians and instructors.

Get personalized guidance, clarify doubts, and receive tips to enhance your musical skills.

This interactive session is designed to provide ongoing support and motivation, ensuring that you stay on track with your musical journey and continue to improve with expert advice.

That's a total value of ₹5,000 in free bonuses for your commitment today

We Stand By You

I want you to know that our system has helped over 1,000 people


it will work for you too if you follow it just as we’ve laid it out.

I promise you, with all my heart, that if you give it your best effort, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

And remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

We’re committed to your satisfaction, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Trust me, you’ve got this.

Here is everything you get when you Take Action today:


1) Classic Krithi Mastery Course (Valued at ₹15,000)
2) Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Easy Learning (Valued at ₹3,000)
3) Detailed Notes: Comprehensive Guidance (Valued at ₹2,000)
4)Monthly Live Q&A Sessions: Expert Help (Valued at ₹4,000)
5) Supportive Community: Stay Motivated (Valued at ₹2,000
6) Cultural and Spiritual Insights: Deep Connection (Valued at ₹2,000)
7) Flexible Learning Schedule: Practice Anytime (Valued at ₹2,000)
8) Bonus 1: Notation for the Song "Sri Rama Chandra Krupaalu" (Valued at ₹2,000)
9) Bonus 2: Monthly Live Q&A Session on Zoom (Valued at ₹3,000)
10) Satisfaction Guarantee: Trust, Support, Success

❌ Total Value: ₹22,000

✅ Today's Price: ₹999 (95% Discount)

See Your Future

Imagine where you’ll be in just one week from now

You’ve started the Classic Krithi Mastery course and already, you’re feeling more confident and excited about your musical journey.

Picture yourself sitting down with your instrument after work, following the clear video tutorials, and actually understanding how to play each note.

By the end of the week, you’re able to play a small part of a Sri Rama Krithi beautifully, surprising even yourself with how much you’ve learned in such a short time.


Fast forward to one month from now

You’re practicing regularly, fitting in short sessions during your lunch break or after dinner.

The detailed notes are your go-to resource, making your practice sessions productive and enjoyable.

You’ve attended your first live Q&A session, where you asked a question about a tricky part and received helpful feedback from an expert.

Your confidence has grown, and you’ve even played a Krithi for your family, who were impressed by your progress.


Now, think about six months from now

You’re performing Sri Rama Krithis confidently at family gatherings and community events.

Your understanding of the cultural and spiritual essence of these pieces adds a deeper dimension to your performances, moving your audience.

The supportive community you’ve connected with has become a source of motivation and inspiration.

You’ve overcome the technical challenges that once held you back, thanks to the expert guidance you received.

Your musical journey has been transformed, and playing these beautiful Krithis has become a joyous part of your life.



Q1. What exactly is the Classic Krithi Mastery course?

The Classic Krithi Mastery course is a comprehensive learning program designed to help you master the timeless beauty of Sri Rama Krithis.

It includes clear, step-by-step video tutorials, detailed notes, monthly live Q&A sessions with expert musicians, and access to a supportive community.

This course is crafted for music enthusiasts of all levels, providing you with the guidance and resources you need to succeed.

Q2. Who can benefit from this course?

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate player, or an experienced musician looking to deepen your understanding, this course is for you.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by confusing tutorials or struggled to find time to practice, our structured approach and expert support will help you make real progress.

This course is especially beneficial for those who want to connect deeply with the cultural and spiritual essence of Sri Rama Krithis.

Q3. How are the video tutorials structured?

Our video tutorials are designed to be easy to follow, breaking down each Krithi into manageable sections. You’ll start with the basics and gradually move to more complex parts.

Each tutorial is accompanied by detailed notes, so you can refer back to them during practice.

This method ensures you grasp the techniques and nuances of each piece thoroughly.

Q4. What happens during the live Q&A sessions?

During the monthly live Q&A sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with our expert musicians.

You can ask specific questions, seek advice on challenging parts, and get personalized feedback.

These sessions are a great way to get real-time support and ensure you’re on the right track with your learning.

Q5. How does the community support work?

When you join the Classic Krithi Mastery course, you become part of a vibrant, supportive community of fellow learners.

You can share your progress, ask questions, and exchange tips with others who are on the same journey. This community aspect helps keep you motivated and inspired, making your learning experience more enjoyable.

Q6. What are the bonuses included with the course?

For the next 10 people who sign up, we’re offering two exclusive bonuses. First, you’ll receive the detailed musical notation for the song "Sri Rama Chandra Krupaalu," valued at ₹2,000.

This bonus allows you to master and perform this classic piece with precision. Second, you’ll get access to an additional monthly live Q&A session on Zoom, valued at ₹3,000, providing you with even more expert guidance and support.

Q7. How flexible is the course schedule?

One of the great benefits of this course is its flexibility. You can access the course materials anytime, from any device.

This means you can fit your practice sessions into your busy schedule, whether it’s during a lunch break, after work, or on weekends.

You learn at your own pace, making it easy to stay committed.

Q8. What if I struggle with technical difficulties on my instrument?

Our course is designed to address common technical challenges that musicians face.

The video tutorials provide clear demonstrations of finger placements and techniques, and during the live Q&A sessions, you can ask specific questions about any difficulties you’re encountering.

Our experts are here to help you overcome these challenges.

Q9. How can I be sure this course will work for me?

Our system has successfully worked for over 7,000 people, and we believe it will work for you too, if you follow it as instructed.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident in our method and committed to your success.

Plus, you’ll have our team’s support every step of the way.

Q10. How do I sign up for the Classic Krithi Mastery course?

Signing up is easy! Simply click on the “Sign Up Now” button and follow the instructions.

Remember, the first 10 people to sign up will receive the exclusive bonuses, so don’t wait too long to join us.

Start your path to mastering Sri Rama Krithis today and transform your musical journey!

Feel informed and intrigued? Ready to embark on this transformative musical adventure? We’re here to Support You Every Step Of The Way. Join us now!

PS: In "The One Thing" by Gary Keller, focus is key. Focus on your music today and see the results. Get started now!

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